Learning with Technology

Enhance your learning experience through technology. Depending on the regularity and length of lessons, it is a good idea to bring a recording device, iPod, iPhone, or iPad to each lesson.  We may be listening to other recordings for interpretation or to record your lesson.  Bring a device and … Continue reading

The advanced student

The advanced student.... Many hours of practice, preparation and dedication are needed to ensure success at the advanced level. With a consistent approach to study and dedication to refining the final performance, the advanced student may choose a career in solo, group or chamber work, or … Continue reading

The Intermediate student

  The intermediate student, learning independently. Once a student is ready, performing in front of an audience may be done in a friendly and supportive environment. With the correct preparation and practice, this can be a very enjoyable experience for the intermediate student, demonstrating … Continue reading

First things first

Little fingers learning to play First things first... Beginner pianists need to know how to position fingers correctly on the keys. Watch for a gentle curve at every joint for best practice. The finger tip (not the soft part) must point to the key. Keep the upper part of the hand … Continue reading

New beginnings – 2016

Welcome to play.live.music   Here I will be posting my thoughts about teaching music, to help with tips and advice on how to practice effectively and stay motivated. I hope to bring you some of the valuable lessons learned over many years which have enabled me to build a rewarding … Continue reading