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    The Intermediate student

    P1000382  The intermediate student, learning independently.
    Once a student is ready, performing in front of an audience may be done in a friendly and supportive environment. With the correct preparation and practice, this can be a very enjoyable experience for the intermediate student, demonstrating their efforts and being openly rewarded.

    Choice of repertoire is essential to cultivating a passion for learning. Every student learns differently and has a unique curiosity about the music they enjoy and play.  The intermediate student may still need encouragement to set practice routines and this is when parents often feel some frustration about having to ask children to practise.  This is a very important time to keep going, keep on track with routines and reinforce the good work done.  In my experience, this is when many parents want to relinquish their involvement in monitoring practice, but it is essential to keep an interest, give positive and honest feedback.

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