The Joy of the First Lesson

Today at around 11.00 a small message from a year 2 student popped up in my email:

Hi Ms Ker, I can’t wait for my next piano lesson

After so many years of teaching students, day in day out, year in year out, this simplest yet most innocent expression of joyful anticipation of a second piano lesson just made my day.

In the mind of a young child, the excitement of starting piano lessons and being able to “do” something clever, to be able to make music, cannot be underestimated.

I feel very blessed to be at the junction between the wonderful craft of making music and imparting this to beginners of any age.

When my parents received a piano handed down from relatives, I was inseparable from it.  The wonder of it’s mechanics and it’s power to produce such complex sounds was a source of immense curiosity to me which has sustained me all my life.

It still gives me great joy to see this wonder and awe in the conversations I have with students.  I feel that innocent connection to it this day, drawn to it, sharing the magic.

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