Rhythm Hacks

Here are some useful resources to practise rhythms.  They can be used for piano students or classroom contexts.  Try keeping a steady beat with your feet, or for greater complexity, tap the beat with one hand on one knee while keeping the rhythm with the right or left hand. There are 10 pages … Continue reading

The 4th Finger

The 4th Finger... For a pianist, the fourth finger can be very troublesome, linked by a tendon to the 5th, it doesn't have the lifting capability of finger 3 or finger 5. For anyone who is new to this, try placing all 5 fingers in a curved manner on a table and just try lifting finger 4 (the … Continue reading

The Joy of the First Lesson

Today at around 11.00 a small message from a year 2 student popped up in my email: "Hi Ms Ker, I can't wait for my next piano lesson" After so many years of teaching students, day in day out, year in year out, this simplest yet most innocent expression of joyful anticipation of a second piano … Continue reading