Learning with Technology

Enhance your learning experience through technology.

Depending on the regularity and length of lessons, it is a good idea to bring a recording device, iPod, iPhone, or iPad to each lesson.  We may be listening to other recordings for interpretation or to record your lesson.  Bring a device and have the advantage of flicking back during the week to master any homework.

Difficult passages are easily recorded at a slower pace for you to fully understand the geography of where to place your hands, how to execute the correct touch, (articulation), transition from one passage to another, and correct fingering.

Lesson tips and tricks will be recorded in the record book which also serves as a reminder to complete your practice on a daily and weekly basis. Once you commit to a practise time its easier to stick to it. It takes 30 days to change a habit, but once established it will become easier and then automatic. It is more effective decide upon regular daily practice time than trying to cram an hour or two before a lesson.

Try to find time after your lesson to reset your focus for the week, when the new strategies are fresh and easy to recall.

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